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Self Care Tuesday

So I am day late and a dollar short. We had a snow day yesterday and I lost track of all the Monday things I usually do...

Last week's challenge was to make one healthy change to your diet. We're you able to do that? Do you feel like it helped you at all?

What else did you do for self care last week?

What is one thing that is going right in your life?

This Week's Challenge: The holidays are upon us. For many of us, this is a time when we do many things for other people and not much for ourselves. Do something this week that you have been wanting to do, but been putting off. You may not have this kind of opportunity again until January.
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Re: Self Care Tuesday

  • I cooked all our meals last week (as opposed to going out for fast food). It was a bit stressful trying to find the time to cook. But, it was nice to have some home made meal for once. I really didn't do anything else in the way of self care.

    Work is going really well right now. I have two upcoming projects I am really looking forward to. And, I keep hearing from multiple people that I am doing a wonderful job (which is always nice to hear).

    DH are finally getting a date night tonight.
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  • I've tracked what I've eaten this week and stayed within my goal all but 2 days this week. I also joined a gym and went 3 days last week and 2 so far this week. The good DH is currently interviewing for a management position. If he gets it, it will be similar or more pay (more base, possibly less commission) but likely fewer hours. More importantly it'll be the change he wants. For me directly because of the changes above I've lost 5 pounds this week (it was the first week so I expect it'll be 1-2 pounds from here on out but still, yay)

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  • We live in an apartment and last week we got rid of some of DS's very overwhelming toys while he was gone.

    DH's entire family has a habit of buying toys that are not age appropriate or are so huge that they take over our apartment. So in a way we are making room for the gigantic toy that MIL buys this year.

    I do look forward to our Thanksgiving themed work party this Friday.
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  • I drink about 2-4 cokes every day. I've cut down to one and started drinking a lot more water. I'd like to knock it out completely eventually.
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