2nd Trimester

Sciatic nerve pain

This is pregnancy #3 for more and each time the sciatic nerve pain has started earlier and earlier. This time it is already super painful and I am only 9 weeks. Is there anything anyone recommends? I can't sleep the pain is so bad and can't imagine another 30 weeks...
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Re: Sciatic nerve pain

  • I suggest you to go for prenatal massage therapy. I got the same from Belle Vie Day Spa during my pregnancy and the results were really amazing. But you should consult your doctor before going for a massage.
  • Thanks!  That does sound amazing...I wonder if insurance covers any of these costs?
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  • I've gone to a chiropractor during previous pregnancies and it was a huge help with my sciatica.

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    Always in my heart: BFP 9/6/12 - M/C 9/25/12
  • Was the chiropractor covered under insurance? I guess I can see if my doc can refer me to someone. I live in dc and everything is so expensive so if I could have this covered under insurance that would be amazing! Thanks!
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  • Yes, my insurance covers 15 Chiro appts per year.

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    Always in my heart: BFP 9/6/12 - M/C 9/25/12
  • I thought I had sciatica but it was actually a dislocated SI joint. My insurance didn't cover a chiro but I needed to visit one to have it popped back in often. Best of luck.
  • I have sciatic nerve pain caused by my tendons and muscles pulling too tightly over the sciatic nerve--triggering it. My chiro thinks it's because my pelvis has already begun to move slightly thanks to the relaxin. He gave me a couple of stretches to do to stretch my hamstrings so they don't pull on the muscles and tendons over the sciatic nerve--they were super painful at first because the muscles were so tight, but they helped immensely. I just googled hamstring stretches and found this--the ones I do are in here: https://www.spine-health.com/wellness/exercise/hamstring-stretching-exercises-sciatica-pain-relief
    My chiro says you can't stretch too much and told me to aim for at least a couple times per day. He also recommended pregnancy yoga which I will be attempting if I can get this nausea and fatigue under control (hopefully soon as I've just entered the 2nd tri today!) Maybe yoga would work for you?
  • I had Sciatica while I was pregnant with my DD. To top it off I lived in a remote place where access to a chiropractor was not possible. Even a massage was out! It started fairly early in my pregnancy about 3 months in.... so I understand.
    Sometimes walking helped, hot bath, ice pack on my back. (I know hot packs but in my case ice actually worked better). Sitting, laying down with a pregnancy pillow or a normal pillow between my legs, and hugging another pillow helped. Yoga at times worked. Sometimes doing simple stretches helped...
    Really don't be afraid to try different things. With me what worked one day may not work the next time.
    Hang in there!
  • Ice and chiropractor were all that helped with my first and now this time.
  • BeActive brace - I swear by it! I was skeptical at first, but I work 12 hr shifts as a nurse on my feet and within an hour of wearing this brace, I didn't have any pain!! Buy one!
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