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Second guessing Women's Healthcare Associates....

I met with a midwife today for my 16 week appointment, and had such a bad experience! The first two midwives I saw were amazing, and I have loved the practice thus far (as I have posted before), but now I am not so sure.

I was talking to this midwife about labor, and she was saying that they sometimes have to split their time with other patients, and definitely will not be there throughout labor. And that I should consider hiring someone to be my coach, in lieu of a midwife...

She also was saying that there wasn't a breastfeeding specialist at St. V's, but nurses helped you, and after 24 hours if you were still having problems then you could go to a specialist, but that they would not come to you...

And then her whole tone when discussing natural birth was off putting. She also was 40 min late, rushed through the whole appointment, and after only being there 10 min, and listening to the HB 30 seconds tried to wrap it up.

Now I am second guessing my decision to go to WHA and St V's. 

Any thoughts or opinions? I would love to hear from anyone who has given birth with them at St. V's especially!
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Re: Second guessing Women's Healthcare Associates....

  • I had my daughter 2 months ago, and used WHA and gave birth at St. V's. I think both were great. I saw a midwife for about half of my appts but an MD delivered my baby. As a provider, a midwife will be in and out of the room rather than stay bedside (like a doula would). She sounds like she was just setting up expectations.

    The lactation nurses do come by if you request help. But the floor nurses are fairly knowledgable too. They arranged a followup LC appointment the day after I went home from the hospital, where we had an in-depth session on latching etc. Overall I think the St. V's LC program is fabulous. 

    I can't speak to natural birth, as I had (and loved) an epidural. And I appreciate a short office visit, and 10 min is a standard routine OB appointment length. 
  • I know this was posted awhile ago but I delivered in September at St V's and went to WHA. I also have nothing but great things to say about them. Also all of my nurses at the hospital were wonderful. They all help with breastfeeding and like PP said you get to go to a follow up appointment a day or two after you get discharged to meet with the LC.

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  • jsquaree thank you! I decided to stick it out. Overall, I think most of the midwives rock, its just one or a couple that bother me, so its not worth changing completely. I am glad you had a good experience at St. V's! That is great to hear!
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