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Question about rashes

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Ok.. this is a bit longwinded so I'm skipping straight to the point and  if anyone has questions ... we'll get to that later LOL

Lil man developed a rash ... it started on his inner thigh.. moved up his butt and down to the back of his knees  and looked like a nasty diaper rash by this point.. but it also has extended with what looks like prickly heat rash up his chest and back and a little on his cheeks ...

To the questions... after a Pedi visit we think we narrowed it down to either a spider bite gone nutso or an allergy to honey.

We're leaning towards the spider bite because he always reacts badly to mosquito bites ..and i hate spiders so blaming them works for me lol

Has any one else experienced a severe reaction to spider bites or honey..  he has had honey and not reacted but he has been eating more of it lately so it is possible.

We've pretty much ruled out all of the usual new soaps, diapers , food etc .... its not diaper rash, yeast rash , eczema ...chickenpox, measles etc  .. no strep throat, no ear infection... I am so lucky to have a kid who never gets sick.. this is the first time we had to visit a Pedi for anything but shots.

Pedi thinks hives or spider bite  .. a day of antihistamine syrup and some steroid cream and it's already reduced in redness ( only used it on major areas because I really don't like that stuff  and figured it absorbs so should work over the minor prickly heat style rash, but will use it on chest and back and face if they worsen ) 

Pretty much I just wondered if anyone else had kids who react badly to  bites and had rashes well away from the bite site?
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Re: Question about rashes

  • Not my kid, but I react badly to bee and wasp stings. The swelling spreads significantly from the initial sting site. I also get bad poison oak rashes - if I get exposed to even a tiny bit I get a rash in places where I've had bad reactions before. So it definitely seems possible to me that your DS could have this spreading type of reaction.
    Hope it clears up soon!
  • Well the cream is definitely helping but the rash is still popping up like prickly heat in new places that haven't had cream.. but not anywhere near as bad as his butt and legs.

    His face is the awkward area.. even if I wanted to get cream on there  which is hard to do without the possibility of running into eyes and mouth.. he flat out will not let you put anything on his face. Hoping this is an area that will take care of itself  without getting too bad.

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  • Well.. a month later I think this rash has finally turned a corner... I don't think we have any new outbreaks.. and the existing ones are no longer getting worse. now we're just working on clearing up what's left.  His face is  still pretty rough and red.. his nose feels like sandpaper :(  I think that is partly rash and partly due to the lack of  cream/moisturizers.  

    I need a WWE momma T-shirt for the effort needed to get cream on that face lol.

    It's been a looong month.  

    still no real answers to what caused it but I think we had an initial rash followed by a secondary.. maybe due to steroids or just because  he was already fighting the first one.

    It would seem that at this point  J&J lavender lotion is a winner!!   I have been lathering him in that stuff and even managed to get a little on his face and it's really helping.  

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