its probably dumb, but im worried about bonding with the babies when they are born. i already have a 3yr old, and am concerned there wont be enough of me to go around and properly bond with each baby, let alone my son! how has everyone done it so far?!!
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  • Mine are 8 weeks and we are now just getting there. I also have a 22 month old. It's hard, no lie because you are already so bonded with your LO, but it does come, it just wasn't instantaneous for us, but the first month was rough as hell so I think that got in the way too. Now that they are smiling and cooing at me it comes more easily! DH is still lagging a bit though...
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  • I was worried about this too; in fact,  it was my biggest worry.  It was a bit different with twins than it was with my singletons, but I can honestly say that I do feel a bond with my girls.  I loved snuggling them together and separately, and found I was given a lot of opportunities too. With two babies, if someone comes to visit you and hold a baby, there is still one for you to hold.  And they also seem to alternate who is needier at any given time (at least mine did), so there would be times when one needed more one-on-one comfort than the other.  It does feel overwhelming to spread yourself thin in the beginning, but you will have more than enough love.
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