Slang words!?!

So I was informed this evening that I'm not supposed to use the term "Twinks" in reference to the twins as it is now a slang word reference to a homosexual male?!? Seriously? So many words now have turned into stupid references.
Maybe being pregnant makes me a little more sensitive, but this is one of the most rediculous things I have ever heard! Also, it was related to pregnancy, on a pregnancy forum, can't people be smart enough to NOT relate it to stupid slang?!?
Ok, my rant is over

Re: Slang words!?!

  • That term has been used to describe young gay guys for a good 40 years now... 
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  • I've only heard it used to refer to young slim gay men. And why would it upset you that it means that, are people not supposed to be able to call their own group by a name


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  • The term originated in the 70's. It came from Hostess Twinkies which are not only kind of phallic shaped but "have no nutritional value, are sweet to the taste, and creme filled".
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  • I guess I'm just sheltered then! NEVER have I ever heard that term other than a nickname for twins.
  • Never heard of it... But quit worrying about people think.

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  • I always thought "Twinkies" was for twins, "2 to a pack!".... I've heard "twinkles" to reference gay men..... maybe I'm just sheltered.
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  • Yes, twinks refers to young gay males. I have never heard it used in reference to twins. What's wrong with calling them "twins"?
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