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Logistics question - preschool to after care

Husband and I would like to enroll our daughter in universal pre-K program next Fall, but the pre-K day is only 2.5 hours each day and we both work full time, meaning neither of us could pick her up and transport her to daycare for the remainder of the day. Her daycare does offer universal pre-K wraparound, and we love them. But it would be great to save a little on daycare fees, and we thought this might be a nice way to ease daughter into going "big school". Has anyone dealt with this situation, and do you have any advice/examples/guidance? Thanks for any help!

Re: Logistics question - preschool to after care

  • Many of the FT working parents at our school asked our director for recommendations of SAHM who may be up for picking the child up and watching them until you're off work. 
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  • fredalina said:
    Most people I know in that situation have their kids take a bus or van to daycare from school.
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  • Thanks all! The public schools in our school district don't offer transport for pre-K. But I learned today that there are private schools which are part of the district's universal pre-K program and offer all-day care before and after. Now we just need to decide whether to keep daughter in current place and pay full amount (they are outside our school district); or move her to a new place where costs would be lower due to the school district's subsidy for part of the day. Big decisions!
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