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Baby Cache Cribs- Beware!

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to share some experience hoping to save others the same head ache!  If you plan to buy a Baby Cache bran crib...beware.  We ordered ours from Babies R Us along with the matching dressers and changing table back in August.  The dressers and table came in by September and we were told the crib was on back order but we'd have it in a few weeks.  October rolled around with no sign of it.  We went back in and we were told it would be in by November 1st at the latest (this is after we paid a deposit).  We called November 1st and were told they were going to be in store that week (they also showed available for in store pick up on the website).  The next week came with no update.  I called again and was told they weren't sure what happened but it looked like the crib hadn't shipped.  He was going to call Monday and get it expedited.  Well I never heard from them this week so I called tonight and was told it would be 12 more weeks!  Apparently Baby Cache shut down one of their warehouses and stopped production and is just starting back up.  Yet they are still taking orders that they will not ship for another 3 months.  None of this was every explained to us until I was transferred to 4 different people on phone.  We are going in tomorrow to cancel the order and get our deposit back.  It's a bummer because we already have the matching furniture but considering the baby is due in 2 weeks, I don't want to risk waiting another 12 weeks and then being told they still aren't shipping or the company is out of business.

TLDR: Baby Cache brand shut down a warehouse and stopped shipping but is still taking orders.  Orders could take 12+ weeks to fulfill which they will not tell you up front. 

Re: Baby Cache Cribs- Beware!

  • We loved the one we picked out but learned this weekend they actually went bankrupt, along with their sibling companies, and were bought out.  They still haven't production up again.  We had to go with another brand. 
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