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Sudden change in eating patterns

Hi all.  I've never posted before, but I'm pretty worried and my doctor can't see my DD until Monday.

DD is 3 months old and weighs 11.5 lb. Up until yesterday she was eating about 6 oz formula every three hours during the day (she STTN from 7 pm until about 5 am).  She started eating strangely yesterday afternoon. She will take the bottle and then start screaming not even a minute later.  Then it take a while to comfort her.  I've tried burping, rocking, none of the stuff that she normally likes is working.  Once she's calmed down I offer the bottle again.  Sometime she'll take it for a second and sometimes she screams right away. Then the cycle repeats. 

Then I discovered that she will eat fine if she is sitting up in her swing. She will take almost the whole bottle like that, so that's how I fed her for the rest of the evening yesterday. This morning she was fine again and ate normally for her first couple of feeds. Now she's back to fussing again. I don't want her to eat less because at her check up a couple of days ago the doc said she had dropped a percentile in weight. He said it's probably nothing to worry about, but he wants to check her again in a couple of weeks and as a FTM of course I'm worried.

Sorry about the novel. Has anyone else had this problem or something similar? Is she just changing things up to drive me crazy or could something be wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: Sudden change in eating patterns

  • I haven't, but I will try it at her next bottle. Thank you for the suggestion.
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  • Could she be getting a tooth? Crazy, I know, but DS is 4 months and ALREADY has three teeth. They started popping thru a week or two before he turned 4 mo. Perhaps hers hurt so much she doesn't want to suck? Is she taking a pacifier?
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  • Definitely sounds like reflux. Ours started at 3 weeks and now at 9 months still lingers but doesn't impact him as much. They do prefer upright (ours slept in a car seat because of it until he was 5 months old). Check out reflux symptoms and if some of them sound like your LO, treat it as such and see what your doctor thinks. That's the only explanation that would make sense. They will likely prescribe your LO zantac or prevacid which take a little bit to kick in sadly. 
  • Sounds like reflux. Try gas drops. They worked with DS. With my LO they didn't work with her and the doc said it was colic. I went and bought anti colic Tommie tippee bottles. Works like a charm.
  • Thanks for all your help ladies. I guess it was a combination of things. Gas drops and increasing the time between bottles did the trick. I guess she wanted to eat more less often. Doctor says it does sound like she has some reflux, but doesn't want to prescribe anything as long as she's eating fine. She hasn't had any more problems.
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  • My six month old gets mad now if we feed him lying down. But I think it's because he's naturally curious and wants to look around, and because he hates naps and thinks we are trying to trick him into falling asleep. But the more food less often sounds right too. DS went through that, where he would scream when we stopped to burp him. Adding 2 oz to his feelings helped.
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