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Poor growth scan

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I may be flipping out over nothing, or I may not.  At 20 weeks, our little girl's head was measuring in the 10th percentile. We had to repeat the growth scan this week (24 weeks) to make sure her head was growing.  Her circumference grew a bit to the 11th percentile, but her head width has now dropped to the 4th percentile.  We are repeating a growth scan again in three weeks.  She is not IUGR, since the rest of her body is at the 36th percentile. The OB thinks it is one of two things: genetics, in which case she is fine but will just have a small head.  Or, placental issues.  We will start fetal well being monitoring twice a week starting at 28 weeks and hope that she is healthy and doing well.  If she is not, we are looking at a possible preterm delivery to save her.  I just don't know what to think.  We lost our boys at 22.5 weeks and I am of course so anxious about this little girl's health.  Has anyone else had a similiar situation happen with a growth scan?

Re: Poor growth scan

  • No experience but wanted to send you T&P. Keep us updated. Big hugs

  • T&P's for you!  I can't imagine the anxiety and stress this must be causing.

  • Have no experience with this, but pray that it is just genetics and she has a small head and nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Praying for you!
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