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New to the board...??

Hi everyone...I just discovered this potty training board. And since DH and I had a disagreement this morning about DS1 not being potty trained yet I thought I would come here and ask a few questions. Short intro: elementary teacher, 2 boys, like to run and watch reality TV.

DS1 is 2 yrs and 9 month old and we have not been successful with potty training (which is super frustrating b/c he is SO SO SO verbal and I think he is choosing not to potty, Side note). We both work full time so I blame this, we just don't have the time to dedicate where we are both home and can do this. Well Thanksgiving is soon and I will be home for 5 days in a row and will be potty training. We have potty seats and a potty toilet. He has peed in the potty I just remove his diaper and go for it?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Re: New to the board...??

  • Other than his age and his verbal skills is he showing signs of being ready to potty train?  Wanting to use the potty is one of the most important signs.  If he doesn't want to use the potty you can't make him and will only lead to frustration on both ends.  

    At his age I would try to talk to him about it and see what he thinks.  There are a lot of methods that people use.  With DD we were taking her to the potty a couple times each day and she was having success and she wanted to wear underwear so we went with it.  We put her in underwear and we encouraged her to use the potty.  We would take her at natural times (wake up, after a meal, etc) and then ask other times throughout the day.  She picked it up pretty quickly.  

    We are in the process of potty introducing with DS.  We put him on the potty before bath, when he wakes up and he pees like 50% of the time.  We let him wear underwear around the house so there is an incentive.  We don't think he's quite ready to train at this point so we are just talking it up.  When he's ready we'll just sort of follow his lead.  

    I don't think your son is too old to not be potty trained but you can always give it a shot and if he isn't ready than go back to diapers for a bit.  Good luck!
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