"Beautiful c sections"

Hi everyone! I don't post here often, but I lurk sometimes after having a c section with DD in 2013. I just saw this article in the Huffington Post about "beautiful c sections" and it got me all teary :) I haven't decided how I hope baby #2 comes out, and honestly both options scare me, so it was nice to see something about how nice a planned c section really can be.

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Re: "Beautiful c sections"

  • While C-section are "beautiful" bc you are getting to meet your baby, it is a miracle. I don't see why someone would have guilt for a planned CS, obviously if your having a CS then you've put a lot of thought into between your doctor, family, and yourself. I don't understand where guilt would come from if you are making this decision bc you feel it's the best option for you. I had an RCS bc my first was emergency and I had no choice of a VBAC. I had absolutely no guilt for my RCS. How could I? I was about to meet my baby. I had a lot of guilt after my first and I had no control over that one.
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