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6 month sleep regression, or separation anxiety?

My LO is 6 months old, and for the past couple of nights he has been sleeping terribly.  Normally he goes to bed at 6 or 6:30pm, gets up anywhere from 1-3 times to nurse, and sleeps until about 6:30am.  I do a bath, lotion massage, pajamas/sleep sack, nurse, then song bedtime routine, and for the past couple of months he's gone to sleep within 10-15 minutes on his own.  And in the MOTN he usually goes right back to sleep as well.  But the past two nights he's been tough to get to sleep- he's crying instead of just fussing.  And after MOTN wakeups instead of falling back to sleep, he works himself into a full cry.  He's not sick.  He has been teething the past couple weeks, but even this usually just means more frequent waking up, and tylenol or motrin usually help.  So I'm not sure if this is a sleep regression (he's working on crawling) or if he's starting to get separation anxiety.  He has been extra clingy the past few days- he fusses if I leave the room, or if DH has him, then calms down the second I pick him up.

Anybody have any ideas?  I'm not opposed to CIO, but LO normally is a fairly good sleeper, and goes to sleep on his own.  So it seems more like a temporary thing. But since it's not a growth spurt, teething, or being sick, I'm not sure what's going on.  

Re: 6 month sleep regression, or separation anxiety?

  • I wouldn't rule out teething. Seriously, those suckers make life miserable in all sorts of ways.
  • Our daughter has slept 8-12 hours thru the night since 5 weeks old, even when I was still BFing, so the past month she was up to 11 hours right thru the night.

    She randomly one night last week (goes to bed by 830p) just woke up at 1030pm, screamed her head off inconsolably, but then we forced ourselves to walk away and she went right back to sleep. We noticed her first tooth was cut the very next day. Although, we are really lucky we barely noticed teething was happening because she's been good about everything and doesn't fuss much, teething was indeed the culprit of her sleep interruption.
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  • sounds like a typical sleep regression. This article really helped me
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