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asking coworkers for money for fellow coworkers work baby shower

We have a department of 15 people and one of the guy's wives is due in January.  I'm in charge of sending out an office email to ask people to contribute (if they want) to a fund and I will shop for the baby gifts and next week we will have a small surprise baby shower for him. 

I'm so bad at asking others for money that even though I'm not asking for me and it's for a fellow coworker I still feel uncomfortable. 

Any ideas on how to word it correctly? 

Re: asking coworkers for money for fellow coworkers work baby shower

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    ^^ yeah this. Don't over think it!

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    "we will be having a surprise shower for Expectant Dad next week.  If you would like to contribute to the group gift please see BabyBrieLove.  I plan to shop on ____" 

    This.  I've been in charge of many of these.  I usually also include "If you would like to contribute to the group gift please see BabyBrieLove by ____."   I usually have a card people can sign in the same envelope as the donations.  

    If some people don't know where you sit, that's also good information to include. 

    Sounds fun!
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    Yeah, definitely make sure to mention the date when you need contributions by and give yourself a few extra days.  I asked people to sign a card and contribute for a co-worker's baby shower gift earlier this year and pretty much everyone waited until the day (or day after) that it was needed. 
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    I would word it as A group gift instead of THE group gift, though. Maybe mention a few examples of what it could be, like if you were going to get something large like the stroller off their registry or something.
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    I am actually in this same boat!  At my office it's sort of like a longstanding tradition for every female attorney to get a shower for their first child.  And it's a big office so it happens usually at least once or twice a year.  Pretty much 95% of the people contribute.

    I think my email was worded as:

    "It's time for so-and-so's baby shower!  The shower will be on such and such date in Conference Room XYZ.  Please send $15 to me by _____.  The money will go towards lunch and cake for everyone who attends, and all remaining money will go toward a gift card to the store of so-and-so's choice, usually Buy Buy Baby or Babies R Us.  We hope to see you there!"

    I'm sure it's a faux pas to specify a dollar amount and not say "If you'd like to contribute" or whatever, but it's the template that's been used for years and years and was passed down to me.  And we only send it to the female attorneys so it's not like we're asking secretaries, file clerks, etc. to fork over $15.  Again, I recognize it's probably not the most PC thing to do, but like I said, it's what's been done for years and years.  I'm not one to step outside the box.
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