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Difficult time finding support, hope this is the right place...

Hey guys, I'm new here!  I am expecting my first child* to arrive this week and am starting to stress a bit.  I have been searching for a while to find an active forum to discuss these things from a guys perspective.  I really don't have many guys to talk to about this stuff (2 co-workers I connected with are both out on paternity leave)  

I have been 100% supportive of my wife and have made the effort to put her feelings, emotions, comfort, etc. first through this entire pregnancy.  Being strong for so long, now the anxiety and stress of the impending birth of my son is weighing on me.  I am admittedly a bit crabby and visibly annoyed about stuff, but its been brushed off.  To add to the stress of it all I have some long-term house guests (long story) which consist of a mother and her 2 daughters (2 and 12).  I've taken this opportunity to learn and practice more patience but at this point every little thing is starting to get on my nerves (Justified or not)  My mom is in town this week to help out so house guests have relocated temporarily.  I am worried about how I will feel when they come back and now the baby is around.  
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Re: Difficult time finding support, hope this is the right place...

  • My suggestion is see if you can't have your long-term house guests find somewhere else to stay.

    I didn't really start to get stressed until we got pregnant with our second.  She is due around Christmas.

    This board tends to be a little slow, but there are people that check in on a regular basis to help out.
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  • Wulfgar,

    Tricky situation, my wife and I are very close to the mom for many years and she certainly doesn't have anywhere else to go at the moment.  Its been off and on and we've been the only people who have really been able to help.  Situation looks to be changing with a new job, which could lead to her own apartment.
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  • I'd love to give you some earth shattering great advice, but I don't know what that would be. Take it one day at a time, take it one event at a time, when things get stressful visualize a point in the future where you don't think it will be stressful, then take a deep breath and keep on grinding.

    Your situation is stressful, there's really no way around that. Sometimes the one day at a time approach is all you can really do. A new baby is also stressful, but all they do is eat, sleep, wake up and cry, sleep some more, and poop. You'll get used to it very quickly and catch on.

    Feel free to check in here anytime for the highs and lows. There's a number of people who hang around here to offer up some support.

    Oh, and congrats on the boy! That's very exciting. You'll have a blast.



  • Thanks guys for all of the great feedback!  I definitely will take the situation day by day and keep the lines of communication open.  

    TJr42Poppa, your assessment is correct, we are all adults who want the best, all parties have made sacrifices for this living arrangement to work.  I know adding our own baby to the mix will be tough, however I am feeling more confident that we can all work something out.  When I posted this I was totally stressing, but I'm already feeling better and clear minded about this.
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