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an encouraging word for all the going back to work, daycare Mommas

so little lady is 12 weeks old and I'm going back to work 4 weeks early. I am a preschool teacher in a center and so I want to share some tips for all the Moms who may be sending their kids to daycare. ( I used to be an infant teacher. now I teach 3-4 yr olds). ( disclaimer: this is my opinion and also typical of a QUALITY daycare, not some crap hole that has babysitters sucking up air. just saying.)
1. we know its tough to leave your precious baby. Most infant teachers throughly understand how difficult it can be for mom to go back to work. we are strangers. your baby is fragile and still new. and we are not you. HOWEVER, fear not, for you this is new, for us, its our everyday routine.
2. because daycare is routine does not mean it is your routine. this is impt to understand. Just because the routine is not the same as yours, trust us. We do what works in a group environment. so while spending 6 hrs feeding your child is probably not going to happen and loving rocking your child to sleep for every nap and changing your child the second they pee is not going to occur often if ever, EVERYTHING your child needs will get done and your baby will be okay.
3. things are different at home than they are at school. this includes sleeping, eating, playfulness and mood. There are other kids here so the whole environment is different. the 3 hour sleeper at home may be the 45 min napper at daycare. the crib, lights, noise level even smell is new and strange for your baby. they need to adjust. some do it fast, some take time.
4. there are things that must be done that you may not like. food can not be served in cribs or boppys or swings. we can't take your 6 mth old to the potty. we can't quarentine every sick kid from yours. and no your child can not be changed on their own table. just remember, its a center. focus less on what your child is "missing" and think of all they are gaining, like social skills.
5. if you have a problem, DISCUSS IT WITH US. Don't make angry FB posts, or defame our character to other parents and please, address the issue with the director after us. 9 times out of 10, your issue is easy explainable and due to an unforseen one time event, like a full moon causes other rooms chaos and so your kid didn't sleep today. also, remembef a discussion doesn't accuse, but brings forth issues. that teacher you saw not picking up your crying child isn't mean they just may be busy for a moment.

there is much more I could say but if you remember nothing else, remember this: it will take time but shortly, you will see that daycare is not a bad place. it just gets a bad rep. we love your kids as much as you and we have their best interests at heart. now wipe your tears, kiss your babies and don't be late for pick up! lol good luck!!!!
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Mrs. Gibson
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