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Paragon at White Pond? Dr. Kirven?

Hello everyone!

I am 14 weeks and am thinking of switching ob's. I am currently seeing Dr. Lewis at The Reserve in Bath. While Dr. Lewis is friendly, the staff at the bath office is less than helpful. I have had several issues with scheduling, getting a hold of someone when I'm not feeling well, and with nurses' attitudes.

I have been researching a few other doctors in the area and have come down to either Dr. Savitski in Fairlawn or Dr. Kirven on White Pond. Unfortunately, Dr. Savitski is no longer taking on new patients and I would prefer not to be at a practice with only one Dr (Dr. Fish).

I would like to know your opinion of Dr. Kirven and the staff at Paragon on White Pond. I have heard nothing but good things, but everything that I have read is at least two years old, and am curious what people who are going there now have to say.

Also, if anyone has advice on switching ob's that would be helpful! Of course I have read a couple articles, but personal experience can lead to real insight!

Thank you!

Re: Paragon at White Pond? Dr. Kirven?

  • Would you come out to Medina? Lake Medina Women's health is amazing. They also have a Wadsworth office.

    Ps....I know you ;)
  • Hello I'm 12 weeks and go to Paragon. I see a different dr there but the staff seems nice and it's clean. I have a lot of friends that have gone there too. I've had to call twice to speak with the nurse about things and didn't have any issues. So far it's been good. Good luck!
  • i know it's been a few months, but i loved dr kirven. she saw me after my high risk delivery. if i stayed out there, i would have went to her. I saw alice gordon/midwife for years, and loved her.
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