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What is so special about the nose frida and how is it different from a regular booger sucker! 

What do you do for your little ones when they have a cold... When did you first give your baby Tylenol?

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  • The nose frida has a little hose you stick in your mouth and suck out the snot. So instead of a short burst, you can have more sustained suction. It works so much better!!! I gave both of mine Tylenol when they got a fever. Luckily, we haven't had a lot of sickness, but colds are terrible when they happen. Baby Vicks is great. (I put it on their pjs, not on their skin.) The nose Frida works well. Lots of cuddles. Warm baths with the soothing vapor bath seem to help too.
  • Love the nose Frida!  The sustained suction works so much better than a bulb syringe, and you can control the strength of the suction as well.  I think we first did tylenol after the 2 month vaccinations.
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  • the nose frida is easier to manipulate than the suction bulb
    plus you can actually clean it out to keep it clean
    you can also visually see how much is getting sucked out
    i first gave LO tylenol when she was 8 wks 
    LO has had 2-3 colds so far, when she is sick we use a lot of nasal saline spray, nose frida, and a cool mist humidifier. A few times we let her sleep upright in her swing so she could breathe better

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  • The NoseFrida is amazing. A regular nose sucker/bulb will never come close to getting the same amount of mucous as the NoseFrida. It's much easier to use as well.

    For colds, I will typically run the humidifier in the room (cool mist) and rub baby Vicks on the bottom of their feet. I typically do not give Tylenol for colds, but to answer your question, my LO's both first got Tylenol at 2m. 

    Also, when they're sick, I do what I have to to keep them comfortable and make sure they get the rest they need. That usually means them sleeping on me in the glider.
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  • I bought the Frida! Pretty excited about it now..
  • Once you have a Nose Frida, you'll never go back to the bulb. It's so much better and gets so much more out.
  • wanted to add that a huge disadvantage of the aspiratior is that it irritates the baby's nose if you overdo it. so you get a couple of quick, blind tries that aren't effective and then you have to stop. I was grossed out by nose Frida... until one late night stuffy nose session that I couldn't effectively clear up. Poor baby was up for like 2 hours! You better believe the next day I was at BRU.

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    In my opinion, the blue bulb sucker is an evil device and I have used it correctly before I gave up. Someone gifted me a NoseFreda and I am hooked on it! Nosefreda is SO much better and gentler than the bulb sucker on sensitive baby nose. And you can control the suction with a few breathes. I love the fact that you can easily see how much snot you are able to suck out of the nose, effiently and quicker!! Doesn't promise that baby would enjoy it but it will help avoid common nose bleeds from the bulb sucker. NoseFreda is way easier to clean and to air dry oppose to the bulb sucker. Some people are gross out by the NoseFreda (by the way, people who never used one). But think of this...I once stumbled upon a Youtube video where someone cut open a bulb sucker and it had black mold growing inside...SOOOO GROSS!!! The NoseFreda makes so much sense to me in so many ways and hygenic with replaceable filters. When my LO has a bad cold and I use the NoseFreda, he can breathe a little more easier before feeding and before bedtime. A nurse gave me a super helpful tip to ease a baby miserable congestion: 3-5 drops of saline solution in each nostrils, wait a min before sucking out the snot. Believe me it WORKS to loosen the snot easily!!!! Also, it is best to hold down baby arms on his/her sides with your bent legs to avoid hand swipes from baby. This way you can steady the baby's head with one hand while using the NoseFreda with the other. Make sure not to over use any snot sucker device you end up using because baby will wind up with nose bleeds, nasil irratation, or super congestion. One more thing, BoogieWipes is a must...look up the reviews! I also use a cool mist CRANE DROP humidifer in my baby's room and love it!!
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  • its the best invention ever!! and the amazon reviews are hiiiiiilarious!
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  • love the freda! once u try it u will never use a bulb again. so gentle and efficient.
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