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Intro *loss mentioned*

Hi all. I was wondering if I could join you?  I've been active on the loss board but wanted to finally introduce myself here and offer some support.   I have PCOS and went through two years of infertility to have one very successful IVF cycle in August of 2013.  We got pregnant with our twin boys, Conner and Benjamin.  On January 10th, 2014, we lost them  to Chorioamnionitis.  They lived for a little over two hours and were both baptized in my arms as soon as they were born by the same pastor who married my husband and I. We miss them terribly and the grief still remains, but my boys have left us a legacy of love and strength.  

We had 8 frozen embryos left from our fresh IVF cycle and we transferred one very strong baby on June 18th.  We are now 5 months into our pregnancy.I am already freaking out over this pregnancy thinking that I am going to lose another baby. I don't think I can survive losing another.  

Right now, I am going in for weekly cervical checks and cultures.  A home health care nurse gives me 17p shots.  We've had some bumps along the road - lots of positive cultures which thankfully have been remediated before it turned into something like Chorio again, a placental bleed, a bad growth scan, cervical debris, and a (temporary) big loss in cervical length.  

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and offering support. 

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