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Hair Loss! Biotin safe while breastfeeding?

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I am losing so much hair now and I am getting desperate!  I've read that Biotin supplements helps with hair loss but is it safe to take while breastfeeding AND taking prenatals?  The biotin in the prenatal is only 35mcg but the OTC biotin I purchased is 1,000 mcg (they even sell 5,000 mcg!).  Has anyone taken it while breastfeeding?  If so, what dosage?


Re: Hair Loss! Biotin safe while breastfeeding?

  • I don't know about taking it while breastfeeding, but I took Biotin a few years ago when my hair started falling out because of birth control and it did help my hair grow much more quickly than usual.  I've been taking 2500mcg for the last ~4 weeks for postpartum hair-loss (which didn't start until I stopped nursing) and I don't know that it's working quite as well as before. 

    Sorry I can't actually answer your question but I do feel your pain - I don't even know what to do with my hair anymore, it just looks so sad!
  • Is your hair getting any thinner than it was pre pregnancy? Hair gets thicker while you are pregnant and goes back to normal after. No amount of vitamin supplements will stop that process. My hair almost doubled in thickness and just started falling back out. I pull hand fulls out when I brush it.
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