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another Down syndrome question

Hi all. I've been MIA for a bit, but I'm back with a new sn (was nandaB) I have a newborn related question this time...I think I posted about my last ultrasound when the dr said things are still looking good with the baby's heart, and there do not seem to be any defects. I'm 32 (33?) Weeks, so this is good news! Anywho, my question is this: do babies with Ds typically get taken to the nicu for observation/tests/whatever they do there as a precaution even if there is no known defect or visable difficulty? I have an OB appt next week and will ask then, but I figured you guys are pretty smart ;)

Re: another Down syndrome question

  • My understanding is you can discuss this before the birth, to make clear your desire to avoid the NICU as a matter of course. My friend whose son has DS didn't go to NICU.
    And, congratulations on your pregnancy
  • You need to discuss this with your pedi. I had to change hospitals to deliver ds2 at because our pedi didn't work their. The dr who did was the one who went ds1 to the Nicu and some hospitals require Nicu stays if their is a known diagnosis.
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  • Thanks guys. I am taking natalie for some vax or another Monday, so hopefully I will see the dr to ask. Maybe I should ask my OB if she knows about any hospital policy. They are pretty "cautious", so it could be an issue (they don't perform VBACS at all for example)
  • We found out at birth. DD never left the room. All the Drs and tests were done in our hospital room. She had no issues, except jaundice.
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  • We had no NICU time and Lauren was never out of my sight!
  • I have heard about a lot of children who got to room in. My son had a significant CHD so he was rushed from the room without me even seeing him. I hope you guys are able to keep him out of the NICU. That sounds like it would be amazing being able to bond in that situation. 
  • My little guy did go to the NICU---after I snuggled him. We knew ahead of time that he had DS and heart defects, and they wanted to be extra careful. It was a good thing, bc while he was there they found a new heart issue that required surgery at 5 days old. It was all fine, though. I spent a ton of time with him, and the nurses were great about letting me hold him skin to skin. They also wanted to make sure he was able to eat before we could go home. Sometimes babies w/DS have trouble feeding due to low tone. Thankfully, he nursed and took a breast milk bottle. By six weeks old, he was exclusively nursed, and did so until 20 months. Let the drs, nurses, and hospital know your wishes about where you want your baby to be, but be flexible. Sometimes, we don't have much control. My guess is that they might just take the baby for a short time to assess his/her health carefully. Good luck! Let me know if you have any ?s about DS. I am the mother of a 2 yr old, and the sister of a 33 yr old----both with DS. :)
  • Thanks guys. The hospital typically does all testing/bathing/post birth stuff in room, so hopefully that will be the case this time around too. My oldest had to go to the nicu briefly and while I didn't know any different then, it sure was nice to have my 2nd with me and be able to hold & nurse her right away.
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