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Bassinet or crib? Living with parents.

My husband and I live with my parents temporarily to save money for our own place and our baby will be with us in our room of course. Our room is not big and not sure if we should just get a bassinet for now or a small crib? I am due in February and most likely we will still be with my parents. I know babies grow out of bassinets pretty fast and will then need something bigger. Should I save the hassle and get a crib? What would you guys do? Oh yes and I plan to breast feed.

Thank you in advance for your input!

Re: Bassinet or crib? Living with parents.

  • Have you thought about doing a pack n play? They come compact and have options for a top bassinet while LO needs it.
  • Agree with PP. There are pack n play options that are convertible as your LO gets bigger. I think that would be a great option if you are looking to minimize on space and maximize on funtion. =D
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