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Strollers for 2 a necessity?

I haven't been around in a while, but I'm back now planning for Baby #2! With DD we had the Bob Revolution and were very happy with it (still have it) but we wanted, and never got around to buying, a smaller more portable option for just around stores, around the neighborhood on city streets.. things like that. I'm looking now for something for this baby and I keep wondering about the Sit and Stand Strollers. They certainly don't look very compact but we would have room to haul one around if that is absolutely the best option for 2 kids that age distance apart. DD1 is a good little walker, but I guess even 3 1/2 year olds reach their limits.. just wondering if a stroller with a sit and stand option is worth it or would have too limited of a useful time period.

Also, does anyone have recommendations for a good sit and stand (if that's your recommendation) or for a good smaller in town stroller? I would love to have the parent facing option and it would be great to keep it under around $300 if possible.


Re: Strollers for 2 a necessity?

  • I had the joovy ultralight and really liked it. Though if your kids are 3.5 yrs apart, I would baby wear and push the toddler in your single when necessary. If your oldest naps a lot in the stroller, I would consider a side by side stroller like the city mini, b agile, etc.

    Is there a ride-on board option for your current stroller?

  • Totally not a necessity but a nice to have. My kids will be almost 3 years apart and while lately my DD likes to be independent and walk on her own I know if I am out with both of them or if we're traveling or going for a longer family walk, I can't rely on her being on her feet all the time. I also wanted a parent facing option (for the younger kid, at least for a while) so we got the Graco Ready2Grow. It has so many options for both kids, check it out on amazon or Graco's website. My 2nd fave was the Joovy Ergo Caboose, but it costs significantly more. Also, what I would do is look at local consignment stores. You can get some awesome deals that way.
  • My two are just under two years apart and I don't think a double is a necessity depending on your lifestyle. I like to jog, so I did decide to sell my single jogger and get a double jogger. For every day outings I use my single stroller (baby jogger city versa) with a glider board and a baby carrier. It has worked really well for me and I like that I'm not pushing around a huge empty double when the toddler wants to walk and the baby wants to be held.
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  • I wouldn't get a double. Mine are 21 mos apart, and I have them both in a stroller almost never. Like, maybe 3 times in 6 months. The 2 year old likes to walk or be on my back in the Ergo. The baby is happy strolling or riding on my front in the Ergo. On the rare, rare occasions when the 2 year old wants to be in the stroller, the baby is more than happy to be in the carrier. They are more likely to both want to be in the Ergo than in the stroller.
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