Curious about what you ACTUALLY did not about what doc directions were. Seems like they tell you no driving for 6w PP. Did you actually wait that long?

With my first cs we were living overseas in a big city and we used public transportation to get everywhere. Plus MH was around afterwards so he drove when needed.

Now he has week long work trips week 3 and 4 after delivery and I'm wondering if I'll be able to take DD1 to school and back each day AND the new baby to doc appointmenta if needed. Or do I need to start lining up help.

What was your experience?

Re: Driving

  • I'm trying to remember this, but I'm pretty sure my doctor told me I could drive at 2 weeks PP if feeling fine and being careful. Maybe 3 weeks? Definitely not 6. I had heard that also but she thought that was crazy if I was healing well.
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  • My doctor said 2 weeks as long as I was not driving on pain pills other than Motrin. I took my 2 older kids school 10 days later.
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  • No one ever said anything to me about driving, but I didn't drive until about 2 weeks PP because DH was home anyway.  I also didn't take much in terms of pain meds after leaving the hospital.  I couldn't possibly not drive for 6 weeks.


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  • Awesome! Thank you guys! Hopefully i'll be able to function on my own when MH is out of town. :)
  • Same as @kim22 and @SweetTurnip‌. Had to be off the narcotic pain killers.
  • Oh! My doc did say that my first time out, just drive around the neighborhood with no kids in the car to make sure I was ok.
  • 10 days.

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  • With #1 I was given no instructions and waited 12 days.  With #2 I was told to wait two weeks and felt absolutely fine to drive at that point.
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  • I was told I could drive at 4w as long as I was off pain killers.
  • First 3 kids I was told 2-4 weeks.

    The last 2 I was told once I was off pain meds. So I pushed further or clarification and pointed out that I take nothing once I go home. Yeah, nothing. So on day 5 when they let me go home, I could drive? She said not home from the hospital, but after that, yes as long as I was not taking any pain meds. But driving on the Ibprofin is ok. Ok then. I was told pretty much the same thing by 2 different doctors. I don't drive then. I don;t drive till SO goes back to work. So 2 - 2 1/2 weeks.
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  • I wasn't given any specific restrictions on driving. I didn't drive for about a week though because DH was home. I know my body and how I react to pain meds so I would make my own decision about driving on them.

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  • I'm two weeks out from my section and just taking Motrin for pain so driving isn't a problem but carrying around an infant carseat doesn't feel very good. My older DD is only 2.5 so it's not a guarantee I wouldn't have to pick her up.
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  • I wasn't given any specific directions on driving, but found out after they tell you two weeks. I drove 8 days after, but I was alone without carrying DS. I have a planned RCS this time around and may need help getting DS1 in and out of the car. I would line up some help just in case. You don't want to be stuck if you do need it. :)

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  • My doctor said 2 weeks, and I had to make sure I could slam on the brakes if needed.  I thought that was a good gauge as I used that as my base for whether I should be driving.  It took about the 2 full weeks, maybe a few more days to be completely comfortable.
    I also echo pp's comments that carrying  the infant seat was not ideal at 2 weeks.  But you gotta do what you gotta do
  • I was told 2 weeks after both of my csections. My first time driving was to my 2 week pp checkup, both times. I never had an issue carrying the car seat and was off pain meds by that point.

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  • I was told one week. I was still pretty sore so I waited 1.5 and was fine. I wasn't on pain Meds and could turn my head and body quickly so I felt comfortable
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