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The townhouse we were looking at ended up falling through and my mom convinced my gram that it would not be a good idea to have us stay with her while we regroup, save money and pay down some debt. My gram was all in--it'll be nice to have a vehicle in the driveway, she won't have to walk down to get her mail/take out her trash as she's 92 and has trouble walking and we would help her with her utilities. We have to now be out by next Saturday and have to start all over again. I know this whole mess isn't our fault and it's hard to find a place to live in the fall/winter because no one likes moving in the snow but this has DH & I fighting and DD snitching to her teacher that her mommy is sad and that saw mommy crying in the bathroom this morning. Which of course made me feel even worse about this whole situation because now her teachers are concerned about her welfare and well-being and not in a positive way. My biggest fear from the day she was born was people thinking that we're unfit and take her away (this goes along with my PPD/PPA). We have been really trying to be upbeat and not let her know that anything is wrong, but she's very observant and knows that something is wrong. I would really appreciate some T & P's please I don't know what is going to happen in the next week and a half  :(


UPDATE: We're still looking...good lord some of the places looked like a scene out of Saw! Holes in the walls, blood-like stains on the floors. We did see a really nice place yesterday. We put in an application and now we wait. In the interim we will be moving our things into storage this weekend and staying with my gram. She said that we can stay with her all winter if we would like and that she can't wait to spend time w/DD. She's even talking about ordering energy drinks (which I quickly shut down because they're seriously not safe for someone her age) to try and keep up with DD.

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  • Oh no!

    I am so sorry-- that sounds so stressful.  I really hope you guys find someplace soon, because I can relate to how not knowing where you are going to live can impact daily functioning.

    FX and hugs. 


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  • Hugs to you!
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  • Sending good thoughts to you.  I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this.

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  • Why the heck would your mom suggest that to grandma? That stinks.
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  • Big hugs to you! That is a super stressful situation to be in. I'm guessing your DDs teachers aren't as worried about your state of mind as you think they are. Everyone gets sad now and then. I have struggled with PPA/PPD and DS has seen me cry much more than I ever wanted him to, so I can relate a little. Deep breath and don't best yourself up in addition to the stress you're already under! I hope you guys can figure something out soon.
  • Thanks ladies! My mom is every negative stereotype associated with being an only child. She takes money from my gram's bank account and lies about it. I hope that we can get something soon, but with a little over a week it's going to be a miracle if we do. We really don't want to be shifting from couch to couch between friends houses with DD even though our friends have offered us a room for as long as we need. I don't want an extended stay to potentially ruin a nearly 20 year friendship.

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  • I'm so sorry this is happening to you. Hugs and best wishes!
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  • Thoughts with you guys. How shitty of your Mom. I'm really freaking sorry.
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