New - feeling blessed but nervous

Hi ladies! I haven't had the time to wrap my head around things or lurk very much, so Im sorry if I am all over the place or not following the board protocol.

2 weeks ago we had a scan and baby was measuring a week behind. We did not do fertility treatments, but I have used NFP for years and I knew round about when I conceived. I spent 2 weeks in misery thinking it was the end of the pregnancy.

Today we went back in and the tech took a very long time. She was very quiet. Finally she called the doctor in to make sure she wasn't seeing "mirroring". The doctor came in and the babies put fluid between them ... two heartbeats, two babies, measuring right on track.

I am shocked. And very scared, although I feel blessed. Im not sure the difference between identical and fraternal at this stage (I have an appointment with MFM next week for the next level ultrasound) but I know twins come with many more risks. I am hoping and praying for the best. Thank you for having me!

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m/c 11/12/12 - sleep tight baby bean.

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Ultrasound 11/4 - TWO HEARTBEATS!!!

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Re: New - feeling blessed but nervous

  • Welcome to the club! I haven't had my babies yet but getting close. I am having identical twins! Just be prepared to have lots more appointments and longer ultrasounds :) and yes it does come with more risks but overall from what I have seen on this board most women have normal pregnancies and healthy babies :) just becareful when reading/searching up on google, too much information and sometimes it becomes more stressful. There is lots of awesome of support here though! Goodluck at ur meeting with MFM and remember you have the right to ask them any questions that come to mind!
  • Welcome!  I am still in shock I am pregnant with twins and we transferred two embryos! 

    This board is super helpful and a wealth a knowledge and I am sure you will fit in just fine!

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  • I'm a nervous wreck too! When my husband and I found out we were having twins we almost fainted. DH is still is school and will graduate the same month the twins come! Yikes! It is such a huge blessing though. Embrace it! :) and welcome!!
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  • oh boy---you nailed it on the head, blessed but nervous...all my feelings rolls into those two things.  It's very nerve recking.  Still dealing with this daily- but i've only known for two i suspect it will last until delivery-and then some.  Good luck.  My mom keeps telling me 'you'll make it work, because you have too.' she may  know a thing or two
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  • My mom says the same thing! Congratulations on your twins! We've only known for about 3 weeks and I think the shock factor is still there. I've been lurking this board for lots of great info.
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