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Gluten and Corn Free

I know gluten and corn allergies often go hand in hand, so I'm optimistic some of you are in the same boat as me.  We have been gluten free for almost 4 years because we found out my middle child and I are allergic.  A couple years later, I found out I am also allergic to corn, but because it only gave me hives, I ignored it and took medication every day.  My symptoms have been getting worse lately and I know it's time to cut it out of my diet.  My family loves Mexican food, but now that we need to eliminate corn, I'm really bummed.  What are some good replacements for corn tortillas or tortilla chips?  And any recommendations for snack items?  I feel like we finally figured out what we could have with the gluten allergy, and now I am back to feeling clueless and overwhelmed. 

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Re: Gluten and Corn Free

  • Corn, gluten, & soy ofte go hand in hand. My LO & i have celiac disease, which is different than an allergy. Does your LO have an actual allergy or intolerance or celiac? Its its a good idea to find out if its an intolerance or celiac bc how its treated is different esp in school with 504 plans.
  • You can use other GF & corn free chips to dip with. There are sooo many available. Tacos are a lot harder to replace. I cant think of any that srent made with corn. So im no help there.
  • Also, are you very good with the GF diet? I mean do u know all about the things its in? Play dough, licking envelope glue and so on. Its usually in queso & spinach dip at mexican restaurants. Also they deep fry the chips in the same frier as the foods with flour. When we find a mexican that has GF queso dip etc we just bring our own chips.
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