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My girls just turned 1 a few weeks ago and for the past month or so it has been nonstop fighting.  This really started much sooner than I expected.  Despite having a gigantic playroom, they insist on standing in the SAME EXACT SPOT and getting in each other's way, fighting over toys, fighting over my attention. Sometimes they just look at each other and start wailing for no apparent reason.  They pull hair, hit each other, throw things, and are just generally throwing tantrums all day.  It is driving me insane.  When DH is home, we often just separate them and they do well - he'll take one in one room and I'll take another in a different room.  When I'm home alone though, they won't stay separated.  Its like they want to be right next to each other but then hate it at the same time. I try to redirect when they fight over toys, but then they just fight over the toy that I've redirected with.  I take toys away, I physically move them to another spot in the room.  Sometimes I just leave the room to get away from them and let them fuss in there (this sometimes works best and sometimes they will just stop fighting for awhile if I'm not there)


Does anyone have any other suggestions?  Is this basically the next 3-4 years or do they figure out how to get along at some point?


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Re: twins fighting

  • Well I'm glad I'm not the only one. We know a few other twin parents with older twins and they all said they never fought too much. I think they must have just forgotten. Lol


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  • My girls sound exactly like this but they are 2. We've worked on not taking toys from each other. If S has the toy K can't have it until S gives it to her or puts it down. We must ask with please to have the toy but if the other doesn't want to give it up, she doesn't have to. We've really worked hard to explain that it's not nice to hit/bite/etc. and that you wouldn't want sister to do that to you. We are just starting to get a little better. They still fight all day long but we've began to cope with it better.  
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  • Mine turned 2 at the end of July and the fighting is just getting worse.  We've just entered the biting stage... :/
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