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2 year old fibs- How do you handle it?

Ok ladies, I need some advice on how you handle fibbing in your house. I know its a normal stage of development and is a sign that the child is practicing his/her imagination, but the line needs to be drawn somewhere and my 27 month old's fibs are getting out of hand lately. Yesterday he was crying because I wouldn't give him more candy and MH came in and asked him what was wrong and he said "mommy hit me in the face"! I couldn't believe it. There have been many other instances where he tells me the dogs did bad things when they didn't and he even told me his teacher bit him (which I know is not true). I never know when to believe the little fibber!

How do ya'll handle fibbing in your house? Do you correct them? Do you tell them its not nice to fib/tell stories/lie, etc? Do any of you even have this problem or am I alone in this? Thanks!!





Re: 2 year old fibs- How do you handle it?

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    DS is 3.5 yrs and just started doing this to get his own way ( putting away toys for a reward etc.), although hehas also made accusational fibs at times too. Just tonight, he threw himself down and said, "Daddy pushed me!". So i laughed at him and said " No he didnt...get off the floor...". Otherwise, At this stage, when I suspect it, I side eye him and say "you're not fibbing, are you?" Just to make it clear to him that I'm seeking the truth. IMO, this is as important a developmental stage as any, so I'll just recognize it and let it run its course for now.
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