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Ditching the pacifier

J uses her pacifier mostly at night or when she's very tired, cranky, or sick. I am ready for it to disappear, and my goal is to have it gone by the New Year. She does have a blanket she uses as a comfort object that I am happy to let her keep indefinitely. What do I do? How do I start? It's not unreasonable of me to take it away now, right? I appreciate any tips and advice. Thanks!
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Re: Ditching the pacifier

  • Wow! Thanks @clgsquared‌ I never would have thought to do something like that! Sorry he's still sleeping poorly. :(
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  • DS gave up on his pacifier at about 9 months, but DD had hers until she was over 2 (just at bedtime). We just had her quit cold turkey. But she was a little older, so we could explain what we were doing a little easier. I've heard good things about cutting off the tip though, like @clgsquared‌ suggested. Good luck :)
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