Workout thread 11/3-11/9

are we still doing this?
Just got home from the gym, I feel great! I had a really crappy week health-wise last week....sick, only worked out twice, and ate like garbage all weekend. So ready to have a better week this week. I haven't been sleeping well either, a combination of my cold and maybe DS going through a growth spurt or something.

How is everyone this fine Monday morning?
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Re: Workout thread 11/3-11/9

  • I started the week yesterday with yoga and a 2 mile walk. Then ruined that with beer and game food while watching football all day.

    The plan for today is yoga and another walk. I joined the gym last week. H and I worked out a schedule for me to go Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday mornings. On non gym days I'll do yoga and walk or run. I also bought healthy breakfast, snack, and lunch food for the week. Dinners are still my weakness when it comes to eating healthy. And beer. I really need to lay off the alcohol if I want to get healthy and see any results at the gym!
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  • I think I'm going to have to do abs and my chest/tricep routine tonigh and try and squeeze in some cardio since I don't see a 4th night happening this week

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  • @bay511 I have a series of yoga videos I do at home. They are on youtube, if you're interested let me know and I can link them!
    Oh please do. I have a few yoga videos that I do at home too but I need to mix it up a little bit.
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  • Thanks! @TheNialler This is just what I was looking for. I already do a few of their back pain pain videos so this is a great addition to my routine.
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  • @luxannie, try Fitness Blender. (website). All their videos are free. I use them all the time since I am typically stuck at home working out, and I know @peanutbutterfox is a fan of them too.
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  • @bay511 I'm a clumsy goof. I'm sure you'd do fine. Once you get the basic moves down it's really easy.
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  • pobrecita said:

    @bay511 I'm a clumsy goof. I'm sure you'd do fine. Once you get the basic moves down it's really easy.
    I do not find yoga easy!
    Maybe I should have said less intimidating. Once I got the basics down it became pretty easy to branch out. It's been a lot of practice and patience for me. That's why I like it so much.
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  • Done for Tuesday. This time change is messing me up. DS woke up 2 minutes into my workout, so first I went up and tried to put him back down, but he wasn't having it, so had to go get him 10 minutes in, and he watched me the rest of the time. He mostly sat on the couch, but doing mountain climbers while a toddler tickles your back is an interesting challenge.
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  • GotGingy said:

    I'll be running in the rain this afternoon.  I love it because no one else is out on the trail.  Finishing up week 3 of C25K. 

    I love running in the rain. As long as it's not cold. It's really refreshing.
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  • I have been doing great in the eating category!  

    Still doing C25k but it's being a lot harder than I was expecting it to be (maybe because I'm pushing a jogging stroller?).  I can't get passed week 3, so I started over on week 1 today and I'm going to be doing that with 30 day shred.  

    I'm also doing a 30 day facebook challenge thing. It's pretty much just doing planks everyday and increasing the length of them each day, and the same with squats and lunges. 
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    I am on week 3 of C25k but I did week 2 for almost 4 weeks. I tweaked my knee a couple weeks ago and it took some babying before it felt better.

    I'm getting a little frustrated with my weight though. I'm a little over a year pp and I cannot lose the last 10lbs. I've been exercising for the last month+ and no change on the scale. I have a reasonable diet and have done calorie tracking. What am I doing wrong?
  • I HAVE to get up and run tmrw morning. This time change sucks balls bc I'd rather run after work, but I'm not really wanting to run in the dark.

    I did 11mi on Sun for my long run. I need to run tmrw, either Thurs or Fri, then 12mi on Sat and a 5K w my sister on Sun.

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  • Damn @carrotcake06, that's a lot of running! Nice job!

    I did upper body with my trainer this morning, then hopped on the treadmill and did basically nothing for 15 minutes, just some intervals. I kept having to up my weights this morning, trainer says I have gotten a lot stronger since starting over the summer, so yay! Last week I deadlifted 240 lbs, so I thought that was pretty cool. But then I found out one of the female trainers (who totally has just a regular girl body, not a bodybuilder or anything) deadlifted 460!!! Guess I have a long way to go.

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  • I ran this morning and it wasn't so bad after all ;)

  • When you said toe shoes I thought like an en pointe ballet dancer @PrivacyWanted‌ and I was like "why???"
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