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I am looking for suggestions for a good backpack baby carrier for my 8 month old? I am looking for something in the middle of the road in price. Thanks so much!

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  • We have a Deuter Kid Comfort II. We tried them out at REI and really liked the Deuter and the Osprey. Found a used Deuter on Craigslist. They are pretty common where we lived.

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  • We got an osprey poco plus for hikes when DD was 9 months old. It is still comfortable to use with her at two years. We pocked the poco because it had stirrups and the harness fastened behind her back so she can't open it. One thing to keep in mind is it can take a lot of adjustment to be comfortable.

    A less expensive option is a soft structured carrier (beco, boba, tula, ergo) they are far easier to use and store, plus you can do a number of different carries with them. My two year old still likes to go in our beco on my back. I find it comfortable for up to an hour or two.
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  • I notice they seem to turn up in second hand shops looking like they are still brand new pretty regularly. I think you could save a lot by picking one up there. I used a Kelty frame pack with dd and I want a big fan.
  • We have an awesome Osprey I'm ready to sell.  Like new.  Actually I'm not ready to sell it because I love that darn thing.  But DD is pretty much hiking on her own now.  All that said I highly recommend that brand for the quality, lightweight, and gadgets and gizmos.  DD was SO comfy in that thing she would always fall asleep during our hikes.
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