Question about RCS after vertical incision

I had a vertical incision for my first c-section 8 yrs ago. At that time I was told any future deliveries would have to be before 37 weeks due to high risk of uterine rupture. Does anyone know if this is still true? What was your RCS experience after a vertical incision?

Re: Question about RCS after vertical incision

  • I didn't have a vertical incision with my RCS but I was never told I was at high risk for uterine rupture. Maybe that's just a thing with vertical. Good luck tho, sorry I'm no help.
  • I have no experience either but have had 2 csecs and am scheduled for my third in mid January. I have read that the vertical incision is more susceptible to uterine rupture as well as placental placement issues. I think depending on where the placenta attaches they may be able to do the bikini incision for your second. I have heard of people having the lower incision after a vertical and had no issues. I think the reason they would be looking to deliver early is to avoid you going into labor on your own since that is the most likely time to experience a uterine rupture(during labor).
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  • I had a vertical incision and a subsequent RCS at 37w1d. I've had 3 babies in all. The first was a vaginal delivery where I went into labor on my own at 38w 3d. My second was the CS with the vertical incision 14 years ago because my baby was 9lb 12oz, 22" and some other issues. We weren't planning on any more, so I didn't care that any future babies would be CS. We had a surprise 12 years later (my current LO 18 months). Because I grow big babies, and tend to labor early, they wanted to take her right at 37 weeks. At 37 weeks, they did an amnio to ensure the lungs were mature, and took her the next day. She was 9lb 6oz and 21". They did the lower standard incision, and I now have an upside down T scar on my uterus (but only a bikini cut on the outside). GL!

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  • No Daisy, I don't have any reason to think I'd go into labor early but when I delivered my daughter my Dr explained the vertical incision to me and stressed that I can never carry beyond 37 weeks in the future because of it. I'm still TTC #2 so I haven't discussed it with my dr yet. Just REALLY hoping whatever guidelines she was talking about have changed in the last 8yrs.
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