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Hi! I'm usually in the December 2014 club but I have a question I thought would be more applicable here. I want to purchase a wall decal for my older sons room, possibly a tree of life or maybe the giving tree, if it's not too corny looking. Something that will cover the whole wall across from his bed and then be "over" the bookshelf. There are so many options out there, and some of the reviews are unhelpful. I would like to buy on amazon if possible, just because I trust the website, but I'd be open to other places if recommended by someone on here. One of the ones I like is listed for $74.99 on one site and like, $10 on another. They look exactly the same to me. Are they likely made in the same factories or completely different?

Does anyone have any experience with wall decals? It seems so easy but maybe it's better to paint? Some of the reviews said they didn't stick well, but it might depend on the brand? We painted the room a few years ago with shrerwin williams semi gloss semi matte paint if that matters. Thanks in advance for any input you can contribute.

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Re: Nursery Wall Decals

  • I used wall decals in both DD's bedroom as well as her playroom.  That is before I heard people thought they were cheap.  Humph - they didn't see what I paid for these things!

    Anyway, I bough one set from Pottery Barn and the other from Etsy. Momma Creations or something like that.  This woman did an entire wall design custom for me based on pics and measurements I sent her.

    Make sure that the decals don't have white trim around them.  I passed on what I found on amazon (was looking for Seuss decals) because all of their did.

  • We have used decals in our playroom and nursery. Here are pictures of two of them that we purchased from Etsy. They are very nice quality and while more expensive, I am sure they will last for many years.

    We have cheaper decals in my son's room that we used for a while that I eventually threw away. They did not stick as well as the ones from Etsy, and eventually peeled and shrank. The quality was not there. I would definitely recommend using Etsy.

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