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When did you stop swaddling?

Just curious when you stopped swaddling at night.  My daughter is 3 months but seems to still need it.  My two boys were unswaddled by now.  I know everyone is different but just curious to see how long some successfully went.

Re: When did you stop swaddling?

  • My DS is 4.5 month old and we still swaddle him.  He gets his right arm free every night, but the few times I've tried him in just a regular sleep sack, he didn't sleep well at all.  He still manages to scoot all around the crib at night, though :)

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  • LO is 5.5 months and I still keep his one arm in a sleeper. He loves the swaddle (and he's not rolling over yet consistently). 

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  • At 3.5 months DS was kicking out of his swaddle and that's when we stopped.
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  • DS was 6m, DD was 5m.
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  • As soon as DD started rolling over at 3 months. We transitioned to the Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit and it's working great!
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