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Tot School/Homeschool/Learning activities?

I have a 3.5 yr old and a 2 yr old at home until next Fall. DH and I are both SAH. DH used to teach kindergarten/1st grade so he is somewhat used to coming up with activities but we are looking to get more organized and I think we want to have a dedicated block of time for learning.

Is anyone else doing this?

How long do you dedicate, if you do it that way? What are your fave resources? Tell me things :)

Re: Tot School/Homeschool/Learning activities?

  • I do tot school with my kids. I don't allot a certain time frame. If the kids are really into the activity that day we play longer. If they are not into it then it becomes a really short day. I don't force it.

    I have found A LOT of ideas on Pinterest! I used a few blogs in the beginning to get started, but haven't relied on them in a long time. The main blog I used in the beginning was -
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  • Thanks @Farmboyswife and @cherryblossoms07

    I feel like my oldest is getting a little bored for our usual routine. Plus, with the new baby, it's a little harder to give the toddlers the attention they are used to. So hopefully having more of a plan will help going further.
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  • I liked for DD, it has lots of fun stuff.
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  • Well, we plan to HS. But we only recently started more formal things. One is calendar time. Which I do solely so I can remember what day it is. But the kids love having their own calendars and I let them put a sticker on each day. We then count the stickers. Easy, quick, and no planning.

    We do read a Bible story a week for a theme, based on God's Little Explorers curriculum (free online). So we read the Bible story a few times each week. And then I check out library books about the theme (so the theme for the creation story was "g is for garden". I checked out lots of books about gardens).. Easy, because I request the books online (way easier than trying to choose books with 3 kiddos running around the library.)

    We do that because faith is important to us. And it's easy.

    I have no plans to add anything more formal until J. is at least 5, maybe 6, unless he asks. Everything else is just a regular part of our day.
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  • How can you both afford to SAH? If you're not working because you're independently wealthy then you should travel te world and give your children some amazing cultural experiences.

    If one or both of you work at home the. You're not stay at home parents you're work at home parents and I wonder how you're going to work while
    homeschooling your children and is your employer okay with paying you to paint macaroni in tot school?
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  • I don't do any planned curriculum. Each day I just try to do one hands on project (crafts, play dough, baking), outside free play or walks, and reading or library story time. The rest of the day is completely unstructured. We do a sports class, music class, and playdates each week. If my son shows an interest in a subject (recently, hawks) we get books out of the library. Child directed learning is so important.
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  • Thanks everyone! I mostly just wanted/needed some fresh ideas of more hands-on activities to do with the girls. Our schedule may or may not allow us to do any formal curriculum on a daily basis but sometimes it will be fun to do it that way as my girls love to 'play school' as it is. 

    For those who inquired about how it is that both DH and I are at home - the easiest way to put it is that we are business owners and we don't have an office or facility that we have to tend to. We both spend most of our time, especially during the weekdays, at home or with the kiddos. If we need to be out working, the kids often come with. 

    Nobody is paying us to paint macaroni. lol
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