Birth plan- gentle csection-how to write it out?

I never created a birthplace. My first it was just get pain meds....I ended with a csection with failure to progress, slight pre-e, and my son just was being stubborn. I had a second planned csection... Really was bad, felt lots if burning, very uncomfortable, and had arms strapped down, medicine numbed more upper body. I do not want that to happen again. I want to be unrestraint, I also want to hold my baby immediately, and have baby go to recovery with me. HOw should I write out a birth plan since I'll have another csection? I have 30 more weeks to go but it's on my made. I read a lot about gentle Csections. I just at don't know where to start. I plan to meet and speak with the hospital before hand as well.

Re: Birth plan- gentle csection-how to write it out?

  • I think all if that will depends on your doctor and hospital policies.

    Most policies are in place for mom's and baby's protection.
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  • I talked all my concerns out with my OB and reminded everyone at the hospital of my most important issues. Plus I discussed them all with DH so hr knew why it was important to me in order to know if he needed to push the issue or not (for instance I didn't want a pacifier given but with DD#1 that was the only way she would calm down her breathing to be allowed to come to me to nurse... That made it worth it... Does that make sense?)

    Also I discussed with DH my own rules on visitors (our older kids are THE first to see/hold the baby)... Basically I have DH do the hard work since I'm loopy :-)
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  • When it comes to having your arms strapped down and feeling burning that has way more to do with the anaesthesiologist than the ob. Ask to speak to him/her when you get to the hospital and talk to them about not having your arms strapped and having baby skin to skin in the or. The OB cannot override the anaesthesiologist, they are the boss in an OR. Good luck! I hope you get the experience you want :)
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