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Hi... Newbie... Curious

Hi! New to this board! :)
Quick overview...have 2 kids (11 months apart) & 1 on the way. my oldest is almost 13 with autism, adhd, obstructive sleep apnea with parasomal events. The other is almost 12 and protective of her brother. DS is super high functioning but you can see the differences between him and his peers.

Kinda curious though for the other high-functioning mainstream momma's.. Do you ever take your kids out of school for a 3 day weekend as a "mental health" day for them? We did this weekend for DS since he was playing football, staying for tutoring and the insurance company wanted to "fight us" on therapy for the next 6 months. Talk about meltdowns at school because of 1 change.

Thank goodness our IEP meeting is soon. Momma needs it done before baby 3 arrives!

Re: Hi... Newbie... Curious

  • Me too. Thankfully his teachers at school are freaking awesome and a "meltdown" for him consists of getting super frustrated, anxious and overwhelmed to where the shuts down and doesn't want to do anything vs tears, hitting screaming. He really fortunate that his band teacher has the best understanding of him. He has 2 boys in their 20's, one has ADHD and the other has Autism so he's been able to spot and stop a few meltdowns but it's been rough.

    Obamacare has kinda screwed all his crap up and frustrating his dr and therapists. He has speech and OT and even though it's 2 days a week he needs it. His therapists have been awesome in having his sister participate in sessions over the summer as they are 11 months apart and she's NT but gets frustrated with his stuff. The sibling fighting has reduced so yay!!

  • My DS (asd dx) is just barely three, so no advice. I wanted to welcome you though.

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