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Breech Babies

At my last drs appt, my dr said that breech babies tend to come early and its likely that my baby could come earlier than my scheduled c section date. Just wanted to see if anyone has had a breech baby and if they were born early... Just curious!

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  • That's weird, I heard the opposite -- that breech babies tend to stay in longer because the head isn't pushing on the cervix. Of course, I got my information from some random place on the internet, so it could be completely off. I would trust what your doctor is telling you.

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    Some breech babies come later, and labor can have a more irregular pattern due to the less than optimal presentation. Pressure on the cervix, baby being vertex (LOA, ideally), helps them descend and drop into the pelvis. It also helps with thinning the cervix.
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  • Never heard about that. My first was breech. I had a cs at 39w with her. At the time she had not even dropped - she was still sitting super highnin my rib cage. No way she would have come sooner.
    Out of all my friends who was breech babies only 1 had her water break before her scheduled c.
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  • N was breech (didn't know it at the time) and she was a week overdue before I found out. I was nowhere close to having her on my own even at 41 weeks. This one is breech too and I'm still tightly closed.
  • I didn't want to do it because I heard it really hurts. Also my dr said because I'm a FTM that usually the muscles are too tight and it's only a 50% chance it will work.
  • Thanks for all of the responses!
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