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Blogging: is this a good idea?

Lately I've been thinking about starting to blog about sewing.  (it's been on my 2014 goals and I haven't started yet!)  During my last project an idea came to me: what if I dedicate the blog to sewing Ottobre ("Sarah Sews Ottobre"?) because that's what I mainly sew from.  Besides featuring my finished pieces, I could do step-by-step tutorials, explain concepts, etc.  Sometimes it takes me awhile to figure out their instructions and I always hope to find some tutorial online that explains it better!  (I think this is the one thing Ottobre is missing in their own blog.)  And hey, maybe once in awhile I'll throw in something non-Ottobre because I want to.

Do you think there are any problems with this legally?  Like using the "Ottobre" name in my blog title or doing the step-by-step tutorials?  I feel like bloggers do this all the time so it's probably ok, but just wanted to see if anyone knew of any issues!

Now, I'll probably get too busy and this idea will fall apart..., but I'm excited about it at the moment!

What do you think?

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Re: Blogging: is this a good idea?

  • The best ideas are when you were looking for something that isn't our there. You could definitely fill a void! It sounds like a great idea!

    I don't know about putting their name in the title though, I would worry about copyright infringement. You probably wouldn't be selling anything on the blog but if it became successful and got sponsors or if you ever wanted to publish something it might be an issue.
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  • Thanks for the advice ladies!  I appreciate it!
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  • Hi - I normally post on ttgp but I'm a big yarn fan and have a blog question to add. What websites do you all recommend for blogging? I keep getting asked to post pictures of my work online sort of like a catalog for people who are wanting something made but I have no clue where to begin. Thanks in advance!
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  • The two I have been looking at are:

    I haven't decided yet, but leaning toward WordPress because I've used it before.
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  • One thing to consider- Wordpress (the free, hosted by them version) doesn't have a lot of customization options. Last time I tried, you pick a template and can change very few options.
    With blogger you can completely design your own layout.
    However, if you are willing to download and install wordpress to your own server (would need hosting and a domain, also not free) that is the way I would go.
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  • I use wordpress software (not hosting)- it's free, and really easy to design your own site. We have a server already, so hosting isn't anything additional to us. The domain is cheap, too- obviously, you have to get creative.

    Yeah, Wordpress is great! I was just super disappointed the one time I tried to use their free service hosted by them.
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  • I've just started blogging about my crafts, but when I blogged about absolutely nothing as a teenager I used Blogger! I looked in WordPress but since I don't have my own domain/can't afford it right now it wasn't really a good fit for me. If anything you can start off with Blogger and as you get bigger you can move up to WordPress.
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  • I think this would be a great idea! I've actually thought about what a good idea this sort of blog would be when I was sewing more Ottobre patterns. Someone explaining things in more detail would DEFINITELY be helpful.

    There shouldn't be any issue with the name you have chosen. You're not claiming to be Ottobre or connected to them. Your promoting the fact you sew their patterns and I think they would have no issue with that. I agree though, you would want to be careful with how much of their detail you give away.

    Let us know when you're live! I would definitely follow you as I want to get back into my Ottobre mags and sew more items for baby girl but I often need help.
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  • Thanks @Lilmrslay !  I did start a wordpress account and took pictures for my first tutorial, just haven't made the time to type it out.  Maybe I should get motivated and do it this week.  :)  I'll post it here when I'm done!
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