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Desperate for sleep at night!

My baby is 5 weeks old and has consistently struggled to sleep without being held.  9 times out of 10 during the day and night I can get her to sleep by rocking, bouncing, wearing her or nursing her but within 10 minutes of laying her down (no matter where we lay her) she wakes up and we start all over.  It takes anywhere from 30 min to 3 hours to get her back to sleep again.  The daytime waking I can deal with, but I am so desperate to get some sleep at night.  Any and all tips are welcome!
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Re: Desperate for sleep at night!

  • I have this problem sometimes. Nurse her. Wake her to burp her. Nurse her. Wake her to change a diaper. Nurse her. And rock her while u nurse her the last time. Weight till u can literally pick her hand up and drop it without waking her then lay her down. Might work. Works for me
  • My LO was tough to get to sleep at that age as well.  We would have to walk/bounce him to sleep, then hold him for about 2 hours until he was very deeply asleep before setting him down.  Fortunately he would go right back down after MOTN feeds, but getting him to bed was very difficult.  There were a few nights when I slept in the recliner holding him.  

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  • I've been having the same problem with my princess. I've found (advice from my mom n mother in law and my grandma ) if u lay them in thier bed/crib/pack play etc and put a pillow on either side of them ( not completely enclosing them) it gives them the sense/feeling that they are still in your arms. Aka the pillow acts like ur chest on one side and arm on the other. I was scared at first bc ole paranoid me thought she could suffocate. But I gave a ill space betwee. Her face n the pillows n it worked perfectly. My older daughter n son where perfect sleepers so u never had this problem with them. But I hope this helps. I put a pic in here to show you too.
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  • Have you tried swaddling her really tight? It helps them to feel more cozy. She might also be going through a leap (Google the wonder weeks) and just needs to be held more.
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  • Have you tried putting her down drowsy but awake? It can be confusing when they fall asleep all cuddled and warm but wake alone in their crib (it would startle me too). I also think you may need to swaddle her better.

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  • DS just went through his mental leap AND 6 week growth spurt, so I know where you are coming from! During the day it is hard to put him down, until he's dead asleep. I swear by the swaddle and I feed him until you would think he'd burst. Lol. At this age, they're such light sleepers, that the more you can do to out them into a deeper sleep, the better you will sleep.
  • We went through the same thing. It has just started improving the last couple weeks where I can get her in her own bed for a few hours at a time. We just have her in a RNP where she is more snuggled in and feels cuddled. It has helped immensely.
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  • I remember those days!  I went through the same thing with my son, and I thought I would never have a full night's rest again at the time.  It is something he just grew out of.  Soon after he would go back to sleep within minutes of nighttime feedings and he is now sleeping for an entire 6 hour stretch and he is now 11 weeks.  Just know that it gets better!  Hang in there.
  • Yes I have also had that problem with baby #3 same thing happened to me...until I put him to sleep on his tummy instead of his back....I know that it is suppose to be back to sleep but my baby would not stay asleep til the day I put him to sleep on his tummy he is now 2 months old and is sleeping through the night 6-7 hours on his tummy.

  • We had that problem and found out she had acid reflux. After eating try sitting little one upright for 30 minutes. When laying down, we would swaddle her and lay her on her side with a paci. It worked for us!
  • Didn't read all the comments. My advice is get a rock n play it is amazing! Use a noise machine and breathable swaddle blanket. Change baby's diaper, nurse/feed, and I let my little one fall asleep. Then I gently move to my shoulder for burping and gently burp/pat baby back to sleep. Wait 10 mins until baby is in a deeper sleep and transfer to rnp without waking the baby. Take a light blanket toss in dryer for a minute and lay over baby this creates a feeling of being held. Feel free to skip that part of it worries you about extra blankets but it works for me! Also try to wake baby and do most feeding during the day. Take baby outside in natural light to regular their circadian rhythm.
  • Swaddle, Rock N Play, and a fan for white noise.  But with time, it will get better.
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  • I am having this problem too, but mine is only a week old. I just ordered a rock and play, so I hope it helps. I remember my older DD was the same way for awhile. The only place she would sleep on her own was in our baby papasan chair. This LO hates it though. Go figure.
  • Yes, swaddling and a really warm bath can help.
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