'Sup for the weekend?


We had trick or treat in our neighborhood last weekend and missed it, so tonight I will be working on fixing the ceiling in E's room so that we can get it painted over the weekend.

Tomorrow I'm getting a haircut (YAY!) and the DH is going to the All Blacks rugby game in Chicago.  I really wanted to go, but felt it would take away from his fun to be hindered by the pregnant tired lady.

On Sunday my friends are hosting a shower for little E and the minion, so that will be a lot of fun!


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Re: 'Sup for the weekend?

  • Trick or treating tonight
    Relaxing weekend at home
  • We are handing out candy tonight and relaxing the rest of the weekend. :)

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  • @lorifromwi‌ and the saga of Lori's popcorn ceiling continues... I'm gonna feel vicariously excited and accomplished when you finish it.

    Maybe going to some thing with friends tonight, but I don't have a costume, don't want to spend the money for one and lack creativity. I'm not sad or depressed, but I am wishing I had a 9 month old to put in a stupid (non-princessy!) costume and tote around. I don't really want to enjoy being able to party it up childless.

    Tomorrow, prob spending the day with my best friend and evening with the one I recently reconnected with. I'm also keeping my parents' little dogs all weekend. Puppy sleepover on my tiny apartment!

    Sunday, church in am and friend time with wine in the pm with my man. Best part of my week.
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  • I think we are going TOTing on the town square tonight. Tomorrow morning we have a visit with B's BM. In the afternoon we may work on DIY projects. Sunday is church, hopefully some cleaning, then small group.
  • Sounds like @TheatrePalhas a weekend that is the ying to everyone else's relaxing yang!


  • @CarolinaGirl2014 - yes, the saga never ends.  Sadly my DH did not read the label on the spackle that he specifically says it's not for the use that we used it for.  So now me, being 24 weeks along is in a mask, climbing up ladders and scaffolding to fix it!  I just hope when I sand tonight I can get decent results!!


  • tonight will be spent trying to find the time to pass out candy at our house, get to a hayride downtown, and attend my nephew's last home high school football game. whew!

    tomorrow will be spent recuperating from halloween and eating all the candy i can find and taking down some outdoor halloween decorations. 

    sunday we will go watch my sister do her solo in church, then head to Gatlinburg, TN for some relaxation and vacation time! 

    hope everyone has an awesome and safe halloween weekend! tomorrow is november!!! 
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  • Sounds like lots of fun Halloween events are going on tonight!

    DH is working until 11, so I going over to my brothers to watch horror movies because I am being a Halloween scrooge and don't want to be home for trick or treat tonight:).

    Tomorrow we are going out to dinner and a concert.

    Sunday we have church, cleaning and then couching it for the rest of the day.
  • On Friday- my second graders dressed up Friday and we did a parade. I dressed up like a super hero. I was expecting the worst since they had trick or treated Thursday night- but the day was pretty smooth.  Last night, I went over to my best friends house- our husbands went to a new brewery and we sat on the couch in yoga pants and watched a chick flick- just what I needed! DH had a blast too!


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