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Spoon adversion

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My LO is 6.5 months. We have been attempting to start him on solids for the last month. He seems to have a true disgust for spoons, even when different foods are on them. Any thoughts from you mommies, any special secrets to feeding I should know about?! (My DD...completely different, loved her spoon!)


Re: Spoon adversion

  • My LO really likes wooden spoons, our favorites are from a Canadian Etsy shop Storiebrooke.
    However I second @babycaps advice!
  • I second self feeding.
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  • Same here.  I prepared all these purees ahead of time because my twins loved purees.  Now my seven month old will not eat from a spoon.  Only wants to feed herself.  Anyone have any advice on what to do with a freezer full of purees?
  • I just want to put this out there because my sleep deprived brain didn't figure this out beforehand: when you pre-load a spoon, your LO will fling the food everywhere. I figured the food would be all over the table and LO. I didn't think about the fact that the spoon is like a mini catapult. You have been warned
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