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So DS is really getting into songs now.  I love hearing him singing with mostly* accurate lyrics.  He is always asking me to join him.  His faves right now are old ones like This Old Man, 10 Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and Head Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. As a music teacher and him having a speech delay, its exciting because I am getting to share something with him that is so special to me.  Anyway, early last week he asked if we could sing ABCs together.  So I started singing it backwards.  He thought it was HILARIOUS. 

DH's grandma turned 90 on Saturday.  We all met at a restaurant for dinner.  DS was so well behaved and told the waiter he wanted grilled cheese and chicken strips.  He did not tantrum or get out of his seat and we were there a few hours.  The dinner was going really well.  There were some of DH's family that had only met me a few times and did not know DS at all since he is only 4.  I was not enjoying myself 100% because I was worried that someone would side eye him because of his speech delay or any other odd behavior he may display. So I was trying to relax when DS turned to me and said.  "Sing a song mama?"  I asked him which one he wanted to sing.  He squealed "ABCs!"  So he sweetly-- with the correct melody-- starts singing the ABC song backwards-- only skipped the "H"  A few people stopped their side conversations and had a weird look on their face and one relative said "Did he just....?" Trail off.  I smirked and said "Yeah, he just said it backwards."

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