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What formula?

My son won't latch on but I am still pumping and also using formula. My doctor gave me a sample of soy enfamil. Is there a formula you like best fir your little one and why do you like it? I'm nit sure I want to use a soy based formula. Please help Thanks :)
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Re: What formula?

  • Costco has one that both if my girls have had. Works for us and very reasonably priced.
  • Target's Up & Up brand of Enfamil premium. It's the yellow one. We also buy it in bulk on their website.
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  • We use HiPP. We just switched a week ago. It's a European formula you can buy in Amazon and the price is comparable to brand name formulas here (runs 22 bucks a box but the box is bigger than the cans here). I am SO happy we switched. I wish I had known about it with my first. DSs poop has turned back into the newborn seedy breastmilk poop and it doesn't stink at all. The formula itself smells a lot better than other brands we have tried. I swear I don't sell the stuff. We love it! The only down side is it takes a couple weeks to arrive.
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  • We had started using similac complete since that's what he was given in the hospital. I had a ton of $5 off coupons and used those on the big containers at sams club! Now that those are gone I plan to switch to the target brand of the same thing because it's about $5 cheaper a container (comparing ~2 lb containers).

    Everything I read says find the cheapest milk based formula your baby will tolerate. Lol. Which is why I'm going generic. :)
  • Similac sensitive and used the $5 off coupons, bought from Costco. FYI, almost all generics are made by the same company, Perrigo Nutritionals / PBM Products. So Target's generic is the same as Safeway's generic, or Babies R Us, as long as its the same formulations such as Sensitive or Soy etc. I used generic for a bit but my baby did better on the name brand stuff (yes, the recipe/formulation is different, generally the generic recipe is the previous variation used by the name brand companies). I would totally use generic if your LO tolerates it.
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  • I also use the Sam's Brand formula (Simply Right), I use the "gentle" mix because my LO suffered with lots of gas issues.  FYI this generic formula says right on the container that it contains the same ingredients as Enfamil (sp?) and it is less than 1/2 the cost! 
  • I use cow and gate comfort (anti colic) milk which has settled my newborn after a rough few nights! I'm from the UK though and have never heard of some of the brands talked about in this post!
  • We use enfamil gentlease. DS had lots of gas and it really helped.
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