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Baby Shower after birth

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I am thinking of postponing one of my baby showers until after we have the baby, due to time and stress. I have had a few people tell me I will be too tired, others who think it would be nice to see the baby at the shower. 
Just looking for some info/ input from others who may have done this before. 
For those who are pro- how soon after the birth do you think it should happen? It would be very small 10 people at the most and very close friends and family. 

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    Is this an idea from the person who is hosting the shower or are you throwing one for yourself? 

    I know someone who had a shower after their baby was born because she was very premature. I've also heard of some regions hosting smaller post-birth parties called "sip and sees", but I don't think they are gift giving events. Maybe that's what you mean?
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    What do you think will make it stressful?  Seems much easier to attend before the baby is born, plus you don't have to worry about people being sick around your newborn!
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    It's actually due to the stress of the hostess. It is right around the holidays and she herself has two little ones. She hasn't said anything to me but has mentioned to others that it isn't a great time for her. 
    It would be at my house if we did it before or after, so no travelling. 
    I like the idea of a sip and see. 
    Someone offered to throw the shower and I don't want her to think I am ungrateful, but she has had some personal things come up recently and I thought it might be easier for her to postpone. 
    It really isn't about the gifts more about celebrating this exciting time with my near and dear ladies.
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    If it is a matter of convenience for your hostess, I would try to accomodate her as much as possible since she is the one doing the planning!

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    I had my baby shower after DS was born. It's pretty common where I'm from. We don't call it sip 'n' see or anything.

    My sister asked if I wanted my shower before or after the birth. I told her definitely after, because I didn't want to come home to tonnes of baby stuff of anything bad happened. We put off buying nursery furniture and everything for a long long time. I had a deal with my parents that if anything were to happen, they would make sure everything was gone before I got home.
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    If it works better for your hostess, go for it! You may want to see if she can host it at her house, however. The last thing I wanted to do after I had my LOs was clean the house, and having a party at my house would have been a big strain, both physically and mentally.
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    MandJS said:
    I had my baby shower after my daughter was born. I did it for superstitious reasons, and my hostess had no problem with it - I didn't want ANYTHING for the baby before she arrived. It was no big deal at all.

    That said - I'm not sure how it would be stressful to go to a shower while pregnant. 
    I have many Jewish friends who practice a similar tradition because it is considered bad luck to have any baby items in the house before the baby arrives.  Many have had post baby showers or have the shower and keep all the gifts at a parent's house.  
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    My main advice - have a start AND end time and keep it short. If it's only going to be 10 women, you really won't need more than 2 hours.  The closer you have it to the actual birth, trust me, the shorter the better. I was SO tired the first few weeks.
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    Just wanted to thank everyone for their input. I think we are going to do something after the baby is born. I really appreciate the responses I got!

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