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Families with a Nanny - Classes?

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For those of you with a nanny and with kiddos who are too young for school - do you have the nanny take your LO to classes (music, wiggle worm, etc.)? I'm trying to balance giving the nanny something to do in the cold months, but not wanting to miss out...

Families with a Nanny - Classes? 26 votes

Nanny and LO do classes together and I do not participate
26% 7 votes
Nanny and LO do classes together and I participate when I can
19% 5 votes
No classes with the nanny
3% 1 vote
Classes only with me or my SO
7% 2 votes
No classes at all
7% 2 votes
Other (comment below)
3% 1 vote
30% 8 votes

Re: Families with a Nanny - Classes?

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    I voted for option #2. I really struggle with not wanting to miss anything my kids do, but I came down on the side of what's best for the kids on this one. You want your LO to learn and have fun, not stare at the walls of your house. Try to send the nanny to activities you wouldn't particularly enjoy, but you know LO would or should experience.
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    I have a nanny but we don't have her take my DD to any classes for two reasons. First and most important I'm paranoid about anyone else driving her other than me or my husband. Second we have a park that is right by our house and they go there every day. We live in LA so weather is not an issue. My DD and nanny have made friends with other kids and nannies and have their own little group now like a preschool almost. They play games share snacks etc... There is a soccer class at the park on Thursday mornings which I found out too late about this season but it starts again in January and I will prob enroll my DD and have my nanny go with her. But it's at the same park so walking distance. If there were other classes within walking distance I would definitely sign up DD to go with nanny. I work part time though so I have time to do other classes with her and prefer it that way. See if there are any free/cheap activities near you that way you can try it out without spending tons of money and see if you like it. Like a library story time? Ours is close to us but the hours are during her nap unfortunately. Good luck.
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    Frankly, I'm happy that my nanny takes my child to Gymboree... I don't feel like I'm missing anything.  I don't really need more mommy friends so I wouldn't go for that reason.  And I like to have our weekends free to just go to the park/biking/etc.  It's a nice way to give your nanny something structured.
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    I nanny-share so this really doesn't apply to me. BUT, my mom owns a dance studio in town and once my guy gets old enough (he's 2 months now) she will go pick him up and take him to "mommy and me" classes. Im planning on doing swimming lessons with him as soon as he is old enough (that kid WILL know how to swim! lol)
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    I do what I can, and she does what she can.  I am doing the "single mom" thing this year with 4 kids under seven, so I have no illusions that I can do everything myself. 

    My aupair is at mommy and me swimming with my 2 (almost 3) y/o right now.  She has tumbletots with my 5 y/o tomorrow.  Yesterday, I got a friend to watch my 4 month old and 2 year old so that my aupair could go to my son's preschool Halloween party.  Tomorrow, I have the afternoon off to go to my 6 y/o's kindergarten Halloween party while my aupair watches the younger kids.  The kids just roll with it.  They love her. 

    I do take the kids to basketball on the weekends. 

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    We don't use a nanny as my parents watch DD, but my parents have taken her to ISR swim lessons, and also dance, kindermusik, and at their request she is starting a parent and tot gymnastics class next week. 

    DH & I participate when we can. I was able to make 3 or 4 of her swim lessons this summer, DH and I have each been able to take her to a Kindermusik class, and I will get to take her to her first gymnastics class next week. 

    I would love to be able to sign her up for a weekend class, but this past year we have had some obligations that have made it impossible. Hopefully, after the new year we can throw in a Saturday class. That said, Saturday classes in my area fill-up amazingly fast. It has been so easy to make last minute decisions and registrations for weekday classes that my parents can take her to. 

    In regards to the winter months I will also be investing in a 3 month Java Gym membership so that my parents have an indoor playground to take DD to, in addition to the 2--3 weekly classes and library story time. Maybe something similar would give your nanny something "to do" without it being a class that you would rather participate in with your child.

    I will be honest though,and say that it was initially pretty hard to pull the trigger on the first class. I too had that moment of sadness about "missing out" on getting to take her and participate. But, the classes are really for HER, not me. And when I hear about how much fun she has, and see the new skills she learns it makes me feel great about signing her up for the next class. 

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    NLewis1 said:
    I nanny-share so this really doesn't apply to me. BUT, my mom owns a dance studio in town and once my guy gets old enough (he's 2 months now) she will go pick him up and take him to "mommy and me" classes. Im planning on doing swimming lessons with him as soon as he is old enough (that kid WILL know how to swim! lol)
    I am an avid swimmer and have the same view that it is a non-negotiable life skill. I just wanted to let you know that we have had great success with ISR (Infant Swim Rescue) classes with our DD. We did our first round of classes when she was 9 months and again this summer at 2yrs old. I highly recommend the program. They have a great website if you google ISR.
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    This is our first year with our nanny. I may sign DD up for a music class this winter, but so far they are just doing story time and play dates.
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    Our nanny takes the kids to music class, swimming (now over), gymnastics, dance last year, and to stoneh time at the library. They also hit the park when the weather cooperates. We spend the weekend catching up on stuff around the house, going to the park/playspace, running errands, and DD1 has tennis. I couldn't handle more than that, and our nanny likes to get out and having a schedule.
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