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  • I guess I'm in the minority that my UO is I'm terrified of having a big baby.  LO has been measuring bigger than average all along (they haven't given me an estimated birth weight).  DD was 5lbs 8oz of nothing and it hurt like hell to deliver her and I needed stitches and healing was a bitch.  I can't imagine what a 9-10+ pounder is going to do to me.









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  • Ok I'm getting ready for a firing round here:

    While I think all of you ladies are stunningly beautiful in them, I secretly think maternity shoots are stupid. To me, I'll only pay for professional photography if it's something I would frame; and I think framing pregnancy pics is kinda weird...I also think it's even weirder when people decorate the nursery and have said maternity shots framed up in there...just sayin'...LOL

    Totally with you on this....I would much rather pay to have outside baby pictures. And I do not see myself as a beautiful attractive pregnant lady.
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