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Wrap sizing

hi ladies - I'm starting to get sucked into the world of woven wraps, and wanted to get your take on sizing. I've got a hand-me-down size 5, which is juuuuuust long enough for me to do a FWCC - I'm a tall size 12, and DD is approx 23 lbs.

I would like to get another wrap so that I can do some carries that require a longer length (I want to try more back carries, and DD likes to pop her seat, so I need to be able to do a couple of passes - it's why my beloved ring sling isn't cutting it for us right now).

Everything I read suggests that a six 6 will be fine for my size, but based on my experience with the 5, I'm a little skeptical. Will I be swimming in a 7? I'm going to hopefully go try some on this weekend, but I'd welcome your thoughts.

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Re: Wrap sizing

  • Do you have a Babywearing International Chapter in your area? They usually have a HUGE lending library for people. Members ($30 a year) get unlimited free rentals, non-members are charged $5 a rental.

    As far as sizes, whatever you can tie with a FWCC is your base. Most wraps can be done with just your base. I, personally, like my longer wraps because I can do fancy ties and more passes. I made a wrap, Osnaburg fabric, hemmed it and fringed the ends to make it a long 8...but then, I'm a little bigger. My base is a 7, or whatever a Wrapsody is. I made my two other wraps. My Osna is a base +1, my cotton weave is base -1. Each have their uses, and more often than not, I'm wearing my Osna. That and my boy LOVES it.
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  • I think if you can do a FWCC in a 5 (even barely) you'll probably be fine with a 6.  You could look for 6s that are on the longer end.  

    Ok, cool. I can do a FWCC in a 5, so I think I'll go for the 6, because I want to be able to try some wraps that have reinforced passes since she is wiggly and likes to "post" on me.

    There is a BWI chapter here, but most of their meet ups seem to be during the week, but I'm going to try to get to one! I did get a chance to scope out the wrap I really want at the store this weekend, and it also seemed to run longer than the brand I have, so I think it'll be ok! (The one I have said it was a 5, but I can barely do a FWCC with it, hence my concern; when I tried a different one, I could do it in a 5 no problem.)

    Anyway, thanks, ladies!!
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