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So new its not funny :)

Hello my name is Layla, my fiance (Emily) and I have decided we're ready to have little feet running across our floors. I guess I feel out of place because I'm a young 24 but having to approach this differently. We cant just have sex and hope for the best. It's kind of nerve wracking because I have really irregular periods. I started tracking last year (thinking it would help come time we started TTC, how naïve). Little did I know it's so much more than that. I have started with OPKs, and were hoping for the best. I found this forum and I guess. This is the one that has spoken to my heart. We're really excited for what the future holds, I am just glad to have found people to share it with. My family does not approve of us and Emily's family is all the way accross the country so I feel somewhat lonely in our venture (Even though I have her and her family). Reading about all you ladies has made the feeling of loneliness smaller so, thank you for that.

Re: So new its not funny :)

  • Welcome to the group! This is a great place to be.
  • Welcome!

    TTC since April 2010
    BFP #1 – March 2011, missed m/c April 2011
    BFP #2 – October 2011, m/c November 2011
    Surprise BFP #3 – December 2011, diagnosed as cornual, terminated January 2012
    BFP #4 – June 2012, m/c July 2012
    Diagnosed with bicornuate ute and MTHR gene mutation
    BFP #5 – October 2012, missed m/c November 2012
    BFP #6 – January 2013, m/c March 2013
    No longer TTC. Diagnosis: Hostile ute. Heartbroken and bitter. Pursuing surrogacy.
    June 2013 - Carrier found! Could this really happen?!
    ~All AL always welcome~

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  • Welcome!
    Married April 9, 2011
    TTC since October 2011
    Me 34, DH 40

    IUI #5 w/ Tamoxifen+Ovidrel+Acupuncture Oct 24, 2014-->BFP!!! EDD July 17, 2015. Panorama=low risk...and it's a GIRL!
    DD born July 10, 2015
    Trying for baby #2!
    IUI #1 w/ Tamoxifen+Ovidrel+Acupuncture July 10, 2017-->BFP!!! EDD Apr 2, 2018. Panorama=low risk...and another GIRL!

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  • Thank you ladies for all your warmth and support ! I'm excited to be a part!
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